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3 Ways To Earn an Extra $1000 a Month!

If you would describe yourself as very organized individual and have both an interest and understanding of today’s blogging or social media world, then you may want to consider checking out virtual assistant roles. With both social media and blogging growing at rapid paces, new roles have been created that assist bloggers and social media companies.

Virtual assistants work as the modern day administrative assistants, they handle both inbound and outbound emails, customer inquiries, and may manage the entire social media updates for companies and bloggers alike.

Let’s say you have amazing Instagram skills and have the capability to not only grow a large Instagram following, but can also keep them engaged then this would be the perfect role for you.

Small businesses and bloggers are paying around $250 a month just to simply manage their social media’s alon. If you’re a very organized individual then handling 4 separate social media accounts would be a breeze, and you’d be pocketing an extra $1000 a month directly from your phone.

Ask the local businesses in your area who’s managing their social media accounts, and show them how well you are at managing and growing accounts, they’ll be more than elated to take advantage of growing their social media presence for that small investment.

2.) Earn $2000 a month with VIP Kids

Now this is one of our favorite LEGIT programs to earn a solid income working only a few hours out of the day. VIP kids is a online teaching program where English speakers teach Chinese children, ranging from ages 5-12, how to properly speak English. The best thing about this program is that you DON’T need to know Chinese!

Here’s a testimonial from a VIP Kid’s Teacher regarding her experience (video courtesy of VIPKids)

What’s cool about this program is that you can turn your living room or wherever you’re enjoy lounging on the laptop, into a virtual classroom. If you’ve ever been on or seen a Skype call it’s the exact same thing, except with a few more kids. There are pre-planned lessons that the company provides, so you don’t have to worry about how to put together an English lesson plan.

VIP Kids highlights flexibility as one of it’s biggest assets, only requiring a few hours out of the day to conduct the day’s lesson plan, which require even less than that to prepare for! If you don’t mind waking up a little earlier to accommodate the Chinese time difference, usually between 5am and 8am, then this is the perfect program for you.

This is a great opportunity for new graduates and stay at home mothers who are looking for flexible ways to generate an additional income all from their laptops. If this is something that interest you then feel free to sign up here and tell them we sent you! They’ll be glad to have you join their team.

3. Proofreading Other People’s Work Online

As long as there are articles, papers, etc being written, then there will always be the need for individuals to proofread for errors. These sort of opportunities are perfect for individuals who have a keen eye for sentence errors (many of which you may have found in this blog, our apologies)

More and more business have been publishing content online to spread their authority to the online world. In many cases the smaller companies look for freelancers who can scan their written work and correct any errors.

This sort of role works best for individuals who find themselves aimlessly surfing online but would rather be earning an income while doing so. There are a countless amount of small businesses and bloggers who are looking for individuals who can assist in their pursuit to build enough content to be respected as an authority within their niche.

If you feel that you have the ability to knock out these jobs, head over to Fiverr or Upwork who offer a number of freelance proofreading roles. Don’t expect to start off bankrolling, but once you’ve build a large enough reputation, your work will speak for itself and companies will be callings you.

With the right amount of will and drive you can easily earn over $1000 from each of these roles. As cliche as it sounds, nothing worth having is going to come easy, so be creative in how you pursue each of these opportunities, you could end up earning even more!